NAME: u can call me lucien
PRONOUNS: any! i dont mind
GENDER: female
SEXUALITY: not sure
BIRTHDAY: august 18
MBTI: intp
ETHNICITY: filipino
LOCATION: the wired


๑ anime? i have a lot but rn NANA♡♡

๑ manga? MARS and ultra gash inferno!

๑ movie? thirteen aand the virgin suicides

๑ tv show? haven't finished it yet but daria

๑ animal? cats n bunnies :3

๑ food? i dont have a favourite but im really craving dimsum
steamed rice rn

๑ color? i dont have one ^__^

๑ song? my current one is twilight by bôa!!


+ rainy weather

+ manga ☆

+ clothes

+ liminal spaces

+ anime ♡

+ doki doki literature club!

+ sanrio

+ vocaloid

+ the early 2000s


+ school

+ ampalaya

+ people who waste my time

+ being criticised

+ my family

+ cockroaches

+ having to interact with other people

+ being told what to do

Cute Hello Kitty 11